Saturday, December 4

Still Crafting....

I wonder if there's a support group for blog neglect?? I would probably qualify for the president! I really don't know how some people do it - kids, work, housekeeping, husband, craft business, life?? Oh, and maybe a shower once in a while? If anyone has any time management tips/hints/ideas, PLEASE let me know!!!

I just left the Annual Craft Bazaar to raise money for Plymouth Nursery School (where Ella attends preschool). There were lots of handmade items, jewelry, home decor & baked goods for sale. Here are just a few pictures of some of my usual wares, packed in between the Smencils and handmade kids aprons: 

There's Sheela - the supermom of three kids under 5 (arrrghh!!) who put everything together and doesn't seem to need any sleep....(?)

And she still has a smile on her face :) 

 There's still a lot of great stuff available. For my local readers, the bazaar will go on today until 4pm. Anyone interested in purchasing the items shown in the picture, just e-mail me. I can create custom pieces also, so if there's something you'd like in another color, size or theme, just ask me!

If you'd like to attend an upcoming craft class, you can e-mail me here. I'll be doing kids craft classes too!!


Amy said...

If there were a support group for blog neglect I would definitely have to join. Maybe we should start one ;)

Heather said...

Please email me! I have a question about your blog! :)

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