Monday, December 21

BANG! Craft Fest

I did it! I am happy to report that I completed my first craft show on Saturday. Though it was really cold, I think BANG! was a success & fun too! I got a lot of positive feedback about most of my products from customers and other vendors.
This is my table after we finished setting everything up. Overall, I was happy with it, though I made a few changes as the day went on. (If the picture seems a little confusing, its because there is a mirror on the wall behind it.)
I displayed my handmade ornaments on a small Christmas tree.

The ornaments were pretty large so the tree is hard to see - but that was the point.   

I used my "Clip-it-Up" to display my handmade cards & some ready-made stationery products. It worked out well as customers were able to turn it to look at everything that was available.

Here are some of  the holiday cards I offered.

             This was the most popular -
                 (Frayed Ribbon Christmas Tree)     

And some others...
I displayed handmade note card sets around the table. (Each set comes with 4 matching note cards, 4 coordinating envelopes & envelope seals.)

The ribbon bookmarks were also good sellers...
I made a few sets of coasters as well -

Other offerings....
Cookie Cutter Gift Sets (includes 3 graduated cookie cutters, 2 recipes, meringue powder, skewer, icing bag & a cookie ornament for inspiration - or for your tree!)

Mini Clipboard/Desk Set (includes mini post-it pad, tear-off calendar, pen holder, 3 mini clothespin "clips" and bulletin board strip with 2 push pins.) You can use dry erase markers on the board as well.

All in all, I think it was a great experience. I met so many talented and kind people, who were more than willing to share their experience & ideas with me. I especially want to thank Liz, of Its All in the Bag. Her table was next to mine and she makes the cutest aprons, bags & crayon holders! I enjoyed talking with her so much. She gave me lots of ideas; too bad she lives in Rhode Island! I know we'll be in touch though.
And I really enjoyed meeting Lou, of Lou's Upcycles. She does amazing things with used plastic snack bags and anything else that food comes in! I can't thank her enough for sharing a little bit of her oodles of experience with me. I definitely plan to talk with her again soon.
I can't forget Julie, of Voma for telling me about Bang! in the first place. I never would have gotten anything made if she hadn't lent me the use of her craft room. I'm also lucky she's not charging me her consultant's fee!

Saturday, December 19

How NOT to Prepare for a Craft Show...

Good Morning! Today is the day - my first craft show! I planned to get a good night's rest, but then I started remembering one thing, and then another, and then...its 5am. Oh, well. I know I'll be running on adrenaline anyway. I finished most of the items I wanted to make, but I still wish I had made more. I'll be sure to post some pictures from the show when I get home. Two lessons learned: Don't wait until two weeks before a show to start making anything; and Don't do a craft show one week before Christmas! Ask me how much shopping I've done, goodies I've baked, or holiday cards I've can guess what I'm doing this week. At least our Christmas tree is up & decorated.

Monday, December 14


Its almost here! BANG! A kick-ass arts & crafts festival is this Saturday, December 19th. This will be the premier event for the Craft Pad and I am very excited to show everyone what I've been working on over the past weeks.

Friday, December 11

Here goes....

Welcome to the Craft Pad!!! I am really excited to share ideas with you and show you all the crafty things that are going on inside my head! This is the first time I've ever "blogged", so any thoughts or suggestions you have would be greatly appreciated.

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