Saturday, December 19

How NOT to Prepare for a Craft Show...

Good Morning! Today is the day - my first craft show! I planned to get a good night's rest, but then I started remembering one thing, and then another, and then...its 5am. Oh, well. I know I'll be running on adrenaline anyway. I finished most of the items I wanted to make, but I still wish I had made more. I'll be sure to post some pictures from the show when I get home. Two lessons learned: Don't wait until two weeks before a show to start making anything; and Don't do a craft show one week before Christmas! Ask me how much shopping I've done, goodies I've baked, or holiday cards I've can guess what I'm doing this week. At least our Christmas tree is up & decorated.

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Lindy said...

lindy (collagecafe04) from the blogger follower on swap-bot swap... LOVE your blog can't wait to read more... and had to laugh at this post.. I used to do craft shows, too... and just so you know: 1-you will almost always stay up all night the night before, because you will always think of just one more thing... and 2-you'll never think you have enough stuff.... ; ) best to you in 2010!

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