Tuesday, February 2

Motivation & Time

Where have I been?? You can see, I haven't blogged in over a month and I don't have a good excuse! Everyday I tell myself, "I HAVE to blog today!" and then the next day comes...
Yes, motivation & time are partly to blame - I'm not too motivated lately and I have no time!
I don't have any excuse for taking so long to post something; for me, the trouble is deciding what's interesting enough that you'd want to read it! As always, I'm open for suggestions.

Something that has kept me busy over the last few weeks is organizing my craft room! After BANG!, it was a disaster and I didn't know where to start. There was no room to walk without stepping on or around something, and no place to work because my craft table was covered with brads, ribbon scraps, paper and other debris! It took a lot for me to show this, (I'm only able to after my mother sent me these pictures), but here's a before picture...

That's just one view; you're unable to see the floor....trust me, you don't want to!!

At first, I was just moving stuff around & creating organized piles. Then, after a few late-night, several hour-long cleaning sessions (the only time I get anything done), I started to have some hope....

And here is a during picture....

Once I got the desk cleaned off, it began to look like a place to create, rather than just a storage room. Note all the piles on the right! Someone saw these pictures and described it as "a nice juxtaposition of super-organization with real-life piles"! I thought that was a nice way to put what my husband sometimes refers to as my "crap" room.

And then I FINALLY got most things put away & in the places I want them. I added an old dresser that we were going to get rid of, as well as taking advantage of the space under my work table. By the way, the dresser is full already! What did I ever do without it??

I still have several "piles", but at least they're not on the floor. I can't describe how good it feels to walk through my craft room freely, without watching where I step!

Like my life, my craft room is a work in progress. There are still things I need to go through, condense and organize further. Now I'm able to work, walk & find things easily.....until my next project or craft show!!

                 (**Pictures are from Mel Stampz**)

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